the idiots

we are a comedy improv group based in NYC 


our show Fruit of The Loom - Woom to Toom

has been performed at the

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

and the Brooklyn Comedy Collective


the idiots: Maarit Hara, Marina Gasparyan,

Emily Evans, Tom Mezger, John Amir


this show was bananas


stand up

i like to write stand up about my experiences and thoughts as an anxious human being

improvised theatre

i have experienced the most profound joy when performing in some crazy experimental shows with some of the most talented and hilarious improvisers in the city. it has shaped me as a performer and as a creator

i have been performing improv in different groups since 2011


artwork by clif henning


artwork by caitlin sing


artwork by clif henning



Maarit + Kaitlin is a clown collaboration with Kaitlin Kaufman. 

it is about two women at the prime of life who are trapped in a never-ending cycle of loneliness.


our show Am I The Only One? is a journey to finding laughter through deep pain.

the show is a three-act genre-bending theatrical mash-up of naturalism, clown, grotesque and the absurd.


we have performed at Dixon Place and at the New Ohio Theatre as a part of their Fridays on Ice series (NYC). 


photo by Bine Bach Damsgård

Am I The Only One? - Doll scene at the New Ohio Theatre

other projects


here's a couple of examples of some of the many fun collaborations and shows that i have been lucky to be a part of in the recent years


artwork by Marina Gasparyan

artwork by Gregory Roberts


artwork by Beth Rodgers Benson